April 25, 2022

Clarksville Greenway

If you're looking for a scenic walking and biking trail, check out the Clarksville Greenway, located in north Clarksville. It stretches along the banks of the Red River and West Fork Creek and offers plenty of space for walking and cycling. The nine-mile loop features an old railway and plenty of benches for resting and viewing nature. There are restrooms and rest areas along the path as well. You can access the park from Heritage Park, Pollard Road, and Marys Oak Drive. The Clarksville Greenway has ample parking for bikers and walkers.

The Greenway has boulders and walls for climbers to explore. Most of the rock is limestone, but there are some flaky shale boulders as well. Bouldering is relatively new in Clarksville, and there are a few obstacles to navigate. Crash pads and a spotter are a must. Bouldering can also get dirty and is often overgrown with vegetation. For this reason, it's a good idea to take along a crash pad and a spotter to help you get started.

For walkers and runners, the Clarksville Greenway provides a number of opportunities. From short distances to long distances, the trail offers everything from gentle terrain to steep hills. There are several parking lots and entry points along the trail, and the trail is stroller friendly. However, if you're a bit more sedentary, you can always take your dog on a hike. Enjoy the views from the Clarksville Greenway!

If you want to explore the greenway without a car, consider renting a bike from the BCycle station at the Pollard Road Trailhead. This automated bike sharing station is perfect for recreational riding and short trips throughout town. Just remember to keep your pet leashed while riding the bike trail. Remember, you must park your vehicle in designated parking spaces, and make sure to keep your dog on a leash.

The greenway will extend over the Red River and into Billy Dunlop Park. It will span more than half a mile and connect the downtown commons to the northern end of the Cumberland RiverWalk. The pedestrian bridge is part of the greenway plan and will connect the greenway to the Cumberland RiverWalk. The 290-foot bridge will span the Red River. Environmental studies are currently underway. The greenway will eventually extend to the Austin Peay campus.

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