April 26, 2022

Historic Travellers Rest Historic House Museum

Historic Travellers Rest Historic House MuseumVisit the historic Travellers Rest Historic House Museum, located in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee. If you're a history buff, you'll enjoy this house museum and its fascinating history. Travellers Rest, also known as Golgotha, was a former slave plantation and was home to over 100 Black families. John Overton was the first owner of the land in 1796. In 1799, he built his first family home on the site, working the land with enslaved Black people.

The Overton family lived at Travellers Rest, which is a National Register property. The Overtons family was a prominent part of Middle Tennessee history and hosted a number of dignitaries. The Overtons house was used by General John Bell Hood, the Confederate commander of the Army of Tennessee. Visitors can also learn about Mississippian Indian life and learn about the House's Arabian horse breeding operation during the 20th century.

The Pathway of History is a 1,400-foot wall that features significant historical events in the Volunteer State. The wall also includes a Civilian Conservation Corps memorial and time capsules from each county. The museum is open Tuesday-Saturday, and you can plan a tour during a downtime. You can also check out the Hermitage's extensive art collection and the history of Andrew Jackson's hometown.

The Country Music Hall of Fame is another must-see in Nashville. The museum contains exhibits, educational programs, and publications. Visit the Johnny Cash Museum to see his memorabilia, including his 1969 Dodge Charger. The Nissan Stadium is home to the Tennessee Titans NFL team and the Nashville SC MLS team. You're more likely to see a full house at a football game than in an MLS soccer game! Music City is also home to the annual CMA festival.

While you're in Nashville, don't miss the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum, which includes an interactive multimedia display. The museum has a replica tour bus, instruments, and gold records. It also features a recording booth and a Dolly Parton audio backup. The museum's exhibits are curated by the legendary country music group, and include many items of interest. In addition to historical performances, the Museum also maintains a state-of-the-art concert venue, the CMA Theater, and the famous Exit/In.

Located in the heart of Music City, the Ryman Auditorium is a living museum with many exhibits and a rich music history. The museum also features the Hatch Show Print Gallery, which displays vintage event posters. The tour is offered every Thursday and Monday. If you're looking for a unique way to explore Nashville, sign up for email alerts and receive notifications of concerts and other events.

Adelicia Acklen's grand home is the largest house museum in Tennessee. The historic site includes a fine art gallery, bowling alley, and zoo. The museum hosts events, functions, and sculptures. It is also a popular place to watch the sunset. While you're in Nashville, take a tour of the grounds, and be sure to visit this museum.

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