May 18, 2023


The Wilderness Park is located at the most northern tip of the City of Glendale, CA and encompasses a rough terrain that spans 709 acres. It is nestled in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains.

Chaparral and sage scrub make up the majority of the park's vegetation, but there are some lonely streamside forests and scattered remains of big-cone spruce woodland in Dunsmore and Cook's Canyons as well. The Crescenta Valley and the Los Angeles basin can be seen in all their splendor from the site's network of hiking trails.

The Angeles National Forest may be found to the north, west, and east of the park and serves as a natural boundary for the park. The county maintains a debris basin and a sediment placement site (also known as a spreading ground) along the park's southernmost boundary.

The lowest point in the park is around 2159 meters above sea level, and the highest point on the site is approximately 4775 meters. The elevation of the barn is around 2330.

The site is relatively untouched with the exception of a region that encompasses approximately 12 acres in the southern part of the property and is referred to as the Park Center area. This is the location of the historic Stone Barn Nature Center (which was formerly known as Le Mesnager Barn), the Glendale Park Ranger Station, site parking, restrooms, picnic facilities, and walking paths.

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