May 18, 2023

The Alex Theatre

In Glendale, California, in the United States, the Alex Theatre is a well-known landmark that can be found at 216 North Brand Boulevard. Currently, the city of Glendale is the owner, and SAS is in charge of running the business. There are 1,400 available seats in the theater.

The Alex Theatre first opened its doors in 1925 under the name the Alexander Theatre. It was designed by architects Arthur G. Lindley and Charles R. Selkirk Associates, while at least one published source states that the architectural firm Meyer & Holler was responsible for the building's construction.The Hotel Glendale was another one of Lindley & Selkirk Associates's projects.The one-of-a-kind interior was designed with distinguishing neo-classical Greek and Egyptian architectural characteristics, which is reminiscent of the Greco-Egyptian period that occurred during the Ptolemaic period in Egypt. The famed Grauman's Egyptian Theater in Hollywood served as an inspiration for the design of the theater's long walkway and courtyard, which are located between the lobby and the box office.[in accordance with who?

A well-known theater architect by the name of S. Charles Lee was tasked with redesigning the outside of the Alexander in the year 1940. The Tower Theatre and the Los Angeles Theatre, both located in Downtown Los Angeles, the Academy Theatre, located in Inglewood, and the Tujunga Theatre, located in Tujunga were all under Lee's management at one time or another. His contributions included an art deco column that was 100 feet tall and lit with neon lights. The column was capped with a spiky neon sphere that gave it the appearance of a starburst. The new name of the theater, which had to be abbreviated in order for the larger letters to fit, was shown on a neon marquee that was tilted. The demolition of the two-story retail and office structure that was located on the southern half of the forecourt lot took place at this time.

Since the day it first opened its doors, the Alex Theatre Performing Arts and Entertainment Center has stood as the undisputed epicenter of all things artistic, cultural, and community-oriented in Glendale. Glendale Arts, which is not-for-profit, is the entity in charge of managing it. More than 100,000 people visit the theater every year thanks to its packed schedule, which features over 250 different events every year. The programs include both modern and classical concerts, as well as theater, dance, comedy, fund-raising activities, and special events. Additionally, there are television and film productions and award ceremonies relating to the sector. The season nine finale of RuPaul's Drag Race was held in 2017 at The Alex, which served as the event's location. In addition, the last two episodes of the pilot season of the NBC comedy competition series Bring the Funny were filmed at the Alex Theatre during the summer of 2019.

The Alex Film Society, the Glendale Youth Orchestra, the Musical Theatre Guild, and the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra are some of the resident groups in Los Angeles.

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