May 18, 2023

Grifith Park

In addition to its beautiful parkland and picnic spots, Griffith Park, located near Glendale, California, includes one of the largest urban wilderness areas in the United States, covering more than 4,210 acres. The eastern Santa Monica Mountains are home to the Park, which features elevations between 384 and 1,625 feet. Park plant communities range from coastal sage scrub to oak and walnut woodlands to riparian vegetation with trees in the Park's deep gorges, despite the arid climate. Oak, walnut, lilac, mountain mahagony, sage, toyon, and sumac are just few of the California native flora that may be found at Griffith Park. Manzanita and berberis, both of which are in danger of extinction, can be found here in extremely low numbers.

Approximately between Los Feliz Boulevard and the Ventura Freeway (SR 134), west of the Golden State Freeway (I-5), you'll find Griffith Park. Los Feliz Boulevard, Griffith Park (direct access), and Zoo Drive are the exits off of Interstate 5 that go to the park. If you're driving east on SR 134 and want to get to the park, you can exit at either Forest Lawn Drive or Victory Boulevard. Get off SR 134 at Zoo Drive or Forest Lawn Drive if you're headed west. Leave the motorways and enter the park by following the instructions.

Many of Griffith Park's recreational features have been built over the years, but a surprisingly significant section of the Park looks essentially the same as it did when Native American settlements were located there. Today's Griffith Park is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, with miles of trails perfect for hiking and horseback riding, a wide range of educational and cultural institutions, and a plethora of fun activities for the whole family.

In 1923, the city of Hollywood was officially topped with the "Hollywoodland" sign, which symbolized not only the city but also the industry, the way of life, and the American dream. The Hollywood Sign was originally a $21,000 billboard advertising Los Angeles Times publisher Harry Chandler's ritzy Hollywoodland real estate development, but it soon became a big marquee for a city that was forever announcing its own spectacular premiere. At its completion at the end of 1923, the Sign was a prominent landmark in the rapidly expanding city. The Sign's lifespan was estimated to be 18 months, yet it has already surpassed the century mark.

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